“Beloved is a six week course that helps Year 9 girls grow in confidence and self esteem. Each week the course addresses key topics using discussion, videos and activities. Topics include "Being a Girl", "Beauty and the Media" and "Relationships". We challenge the idea that beauty is based on your dress size and your value relies on how you look. We encourage all girls to know they are valued and to believe that there is nothing holding them back from achieving awesome things!

If you are interested in having a Beloved course in your school, please get in touch.

Why We Do It

By the age of 12, most girls will have seen 77,500 adverts (Dove Campaign for Real Beauty Research)

None of these adverts will have told the girls that they are amazingly and wonderfully made. None of them will have said that life is about more than how you look. With the overwhelming message that they are ‘not enough', we see our role as being a different voice.

Beloved is rooted in the Biblical principle that everyone is amazingly and wonderfully made, and applies this to the everyday experience of the average thirteen year old girl.

With the rising number of cosmetic surgery procedures, eating disorders and self harm, we want girls to know that they are amazing just as they are. We believe that they each have a purpose in this world that relies on them being themselves.