A sacred space in school

“It’s good and really fun. It helped me realise about God and I have more self confidence now. It made me feel grateful about what I have.”

“I found that Sanctum was greatly helpful. It gave me time to think about previous events, helping me to forgive.”

“It made me feel confident in my life and helped me let go of fears and worries... It actually changed me.”

Just a few of the comments from thousands of students who have visited Sanctum in their school. Sanctum is an interactive prayer space that’s set up for a week giving students an opportunity to think about their lives through a whole variety of creative and reflective activities. Students visit as part of an RE lesson or at break or lunchtime.

Sanctum achieves a number of objectives including giving young people an open-ended approach to exploring prayer for themselves, as well as the therapeutic benefit of taking time out to think about their lives in a positive way. It makes a distinctive contribution to the teaching of RE and to Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural development and is a regular event in the life of many Colchester Schools.

The real impact though is in the lives of the young people who visit, the overwhelming majority of whom report that it has made a positive difference to their lives. As Sophie from Year 9 said, “It has been good to clear my head and remind me of what’s important."