Our vision is to see every school in Colchester supported in the spiritual development and pastoral care of students by a regular, consistent, intentional Christian presence.


Our strategy is to partner with churches. CYO is a catalyst that empowers, equips and enables churches and Christians to create opportunities for children and young people to flourish and explore faith both in and out of school.


Helping children and young people grow in hope, life and faith

Chaplaincy is our model

CYO provides chaplains to primary and secondary schools across Colchester. Chaplains support the school on a weekly basis with spiritual development opportunities for students, pastoral mentoring and support, and by being available for the highs and lows.

Some chaplains are staff, some are volunteers, others are Mission Partners.

Partnership is our priority

Our huge vision means that we can’t do this on our own. CYO can’t deliver chaplaincy to every school in Colchester, and therefore partnership is our priority. CYO acts as a catalyst; training, encouraging and supporting churches to deliver chaplaincy in their local schools for the long haul.

CYO forms intentional, missional relationships with churches to empower the church and increase the spread of chaplaincy and provision for children and young people. Churches that engage in this partnership are called Mission Partners.