Chaplaincy allows us to make a unique contribution to the lives of children and young people in schools by being there every week, not just as visitors but as part of the staff team.
This role contains three main elements: Spiritual Development, Pastoral Care, Being Available

Spiritual Development

Our chaplains initiate and respond to opportunities for spiritual development in all of school life; supporting the school with their requirements of Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development. That might be encouraging a young person to explore their own growing faith, running one of our spiritual development activities, co-ordinating Christmas or Easter events, managing a school or college quiet/prayer room or being there to help as a response to major tragedies or celebrations in the life of the school.

Being recognised as a Chaplain with this particular role can take pressure off staff, encourage those with a faith, provide opportunities for conversation and exploration of the Christian faith, promote equality and diversity and helps schools and colleges in an area where they often have limited resources to commit to spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

Pastoral Care

When life gets difficult, at school or at home, our chaplains can provide just the right level of support for a child or young person. The gift of time, typically about 20-30 minutes a week, is often all that’s needed for a student to talk over what’s going on and to work towards positive outcomes.

When Abby came to chat to one of our chaplains, teachers were only too aware of her ‘anger’ issues. But what emerged was a frightened girl who was trying to live up to an unrealistic expectation of herself and forever saw herself as a failure. In just a few weeks Abby had changed, bringing positive change to her own life, the lives of those around her and her achievement in school.

Some staff also appreciate the opportunity to chat through the issues they’re facing with a non-teacher colleague.

All of our chaplains work within the pastoral care structure of the school or college.

Being Available

Alongside the courses, prayer spaces, and mentoring, our chaplains are present and available for conversations with staff and students alike. Some of the most significant or impactful conversations happen in informal settings and as such, our chaplains aren’t always busy with appointments but will be free for conversations.

Being present, available and interruptible is a crucial element of chaplaincy and enables our chaplains to be ready to help with the highs and lows of school life.









Interested in chaplaincy?

Whether you are a church member or school staff, we’d love to explore the difference that chaplaincy can make to children and young people.

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Across Colchester


Currently, there are Chaplains (or chaplaincy teams) in 8 secondary schools across Colchester. Recently, CYO established their first Mission Partner which has launched the first chaplaincy team in a primary school. CYO chaplains are made up of staff, volunteers, and Mission Partners.

Our big dream is to always connect the work of chaplains in schools to the local church.


“It’s amazing to see the difference it makes. Being there on a weekly basis to support, encourage, to listen, to create space for deeper conversations.”  Chaplain


“I’m so grateful for the work of the Chaplain in our school. They’ve helped us increase our SMSC offering and are a great support for students that are going through a difficult time.”  Assistant Head Teacher